GIMSUN Advertising

We were founded in 1995, mainly engaged in window display props in retail stores. , UV inkjet, display stands, custom light boxes and other high-end advertising products, global raw material procurement, With a variety of high-end processing equipment to ensure the advanced nature of the product, for the brand chain business sales in the terminal to provide safe and environmentally friendly packaging, Professional all-inclusive service for global shipments and store installations.

We have set up a large factory to provide customers with product application services, and have a complete product development team and construction project implementation team. Guarantee to provide customers with one-stop full service.

Our advantage

  • Brand service awareness

  • Years of brand service experience

  • Professional proposal

  • Material selection advice

  • Large physical building

  • 5000 square self-operated factory

  • Systematic production management process

  • Process production management

  • Systematic production and production

  • First-class quality approval

  • Professional quality personnel control

Contact information

Business customer service

Guangzhou Factory: 3rd Floor, Block B, Yayi Building, No. 18 East Gate, Jinzhong Henglu Airport, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Zhuhai Factory: 7th Floor, No. 22, Pingtung 3rd Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City

Macau Office: Block G, G/F, Block 2, Wing Ke Building, 2-1 Lobby, Macau.

Hong Kong Office: Block C, 18th Floor, Fuli Lai Commercial Building, 32-36 Ferry Street, Jordan, Kowloon.

Tel: (Guangzhou) 8620 - 86351289 (Guangzhou) 8620 - 86249836 (Hong Kong) 852 - 36057634

Fax: (8620) 86249553