Seeing the details, seeing the details

2018-08-16 17:22:29 gimsun 5

In August, customers who enjoy “First Class Beauty” at 24 DFS and T Gallerias around the world can see sparkling and wonderful dynamic neon displays.橱窗Hk.gif橱窗CDO.gif橱窗Guam.gif橱窗Okinawa.gif橱窗Hawaii.gif

Even better, these neon lights can also be regular according to the shape of the product.Flashing,More attractive to customers, it is unforgettable!

2018“DFS First class beauty experience”Neon production project with neon lightsCurved acrylic floorMade. The largest size of the product is available throughout the project.2.8*1.8m!The curved bottom plate makes the whole lighting more three-dimensional. Lighting patterns are complex and requireFlashing effectTherefore, the circuit wiring is also complicated. Product inUsed in multiple regions around the world,The matching models of the fire cows are different, and the safety and timeliness of transportation must be guaranteed. 


Large-size products, special curved bottom plates, complicated circuit wiring, global transportation, and guaranteed neon light to the store after the power supply is stable, uniform illumination, normal flashing effect. All the details must be strictly controlled! Look at the details, see the wonderful place! Only with the feelings of craftsmen can we achieve the brilliant ideas of our customers!